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  • CoAX 2D

    Coaxial helicopter
    Expansion stage 2015

    flight test
    Fair prototype

  • Company



  • CoAX 2D

    Coaxial helicopter
    in flight operation

    Trial phase
    close to the prototype 2015

  • Cockpit

    Interior of the

  • Design

    Form completion down to the last detail

  • Cockpit

    clear instrument panel
    and outstanding
    round visibility


Coaxial ultralight helicopter

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Simulator, two axle mounted for limited pitching and rolling movements

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The first prototype was developed by different development stages of our Ultralight helicopter.

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Our company was established in 2011 and since then has been in a steady development

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Motivation and development

The idea of developing their own air sports equipment was born out of the passion of the ultralight aviation of the company owner Engelbert Dreiling. After discussions with experienced aviation colleagues, design engineers as well as with the Aviation Federal Office and the German Ultralight flight Association r.a., this idea became more and more concrete.

The comparatively low cost of a UL helicopter, its maintenance and maintenance as well as the obtaining of a corresponding air license make such a project increasingly interesting for a new target group.

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