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Motivation and development

The idea of developing an own new sports aircraft was born out of the passion of ultra-light flying of Engelbert Dreiling, the owner of the Dreiling Maschinenbau GmbH.

After intensive talks with experienced (helicopter) pilots, further contacts with designers and initial discussions with the german aviation authority, (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt, LBA) and the German Ultralight Flying Association (deutscher Ultraleichtflugverband DULV), this idea became more and more concrete and a requirement profile emerged.

Due to the classification as an ultra-light, the pilots have substantial advantages within their training. The cost of obtaining a license for private pilots with an UL approved helicopter is only about a quarter of the usual training costs for helicopter pilots. This makes this class not only interesting for private pilots.

Further characteristics in the motivation for the development of such an UL helicopter are, in addition to the innovative character, a reduced carbon dioxide output due to the engine size and the simplicity of the overall design. To operate this helicopter as a two-seated ultralight sports aircraft, a maximum take-off weight of 450 kg (992 lbs) must be maintained. This allows the use of engines with a power range of 110 - 130 bhp.

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